Well, after a whirlwind  few years after we launched in March 2012, Purity has re-launched in September 2015 with a few
 little tweaks to make it better than ever with a new direct pour cap and some stunning new fragrances.

In our first year we featured in leading magazines and even won an #SBS award from Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den!

Then suddenly our part time business had grown, and just as that happened we moved house and our full time jobs went crazy too! 
We decided to take a breather, get settled and make a few little improvements we hadn't had time to do.

So we re-launched in September 2015 with exciting improvements you can look forward to.

Our bottles now have a new no splill lid that lets you pour directly into the hole when you take the wick out, our new EverLasting Wicks to replace them too.

The scent range has some great new additions, alongside all our bestsellers, and if you now want to add luxurious aromas to additional rooms in your home, 
we have a new high capacity plug and a fantatic low price.

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In August 2016 a simple tweet rom @PurityFragrance ended up with Will finding himself on channel 5 news as a guest for a LIVE studio interview! 

The subject was Natwests negative interest rate warning to business accounts and he did us proud having found himself live on TV at 6pm after an initial lunchtime
 phonecall from 5 News earlier the same day!  

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