Grab a cup of tea and let us tell you about how it all started under the kitchen sink....

Purity Fragrance's Plug in air freshener refill range launched in 2012 and has since given 1000's of customers the opportunity to switch away from official refills.  It all started out during a spring clean with husband and wife team Katy & Will finding various brands of empty plugs in's they had given up on discarded under the kitchen sink.

The initial idea to make their own refills just made more and more sense as it developed, and with some help from Ted, a retired perfumist, Purity Fragrance was born. 

We actually started out with pretty much nothing. We had 3 scents and just a litre of each! With some careful pouring we ended up with some 100ml bottles, proudly showing our own poorly printed labels from black and white printer. Amazingly they actually sold on eBay. So we bought more and made more and it went from there.

Buying in such small quantities, paying such high postage and selling for £9.99 meant the profit was tiny, if any, still we bought more ingredients and made more.

Somehow, in our first year we featured in leading magazines and even won an #SBS award from Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den!

By the end of 2014 we still hadn't made any money, reinvesting everything we had to improve the product.

By early 2015 Purity Fragrance came with shiny colour labels with barcodes on, and the range of scents grew to five, then eighteen.  We got carried away and even made a 'Fish & Chips' scent (We only made 2 bottles thankfully), it was time to streamline, and we revised the range to a steady six.

So now our part time business had grown, and still without any earnings it was an unpaid 2nd job, and just as that happened we moved house and our full time jobs went crazy too! 

We decided to take a breather, get settled and make a few little improvements we hadn't had time to do.

So we re-launched in September 2015 with exciting improvements.

Our bottles now have a new no spill funnel lid that lets you pour directly into the hole when you take the wick out, our new EverLasting Wicks to replace them too.

The scent range had two great new additions, alongside all our bestsellers 'Baby Powder' and 'Pink Grapefruit & vetiver' arrived.  We even found wicks, but you had to buy 5 million minimum to get the right size made, so we found some the wrong size, and cut them down by hand, and still do to this day!






In the news!

In August 2016 Will had a morning rant on @PurityFragrance twitter and ended up finding himself on channel 5 news as a guest for a LIVE studio interview that afternoon!

The subject was Natwests negative interest rate warning to business accounts and he did us proud having found himself live on TV at 6pm after an initial lunchtime
phonecall from 5 News earlier the same day!

He even found time for a bad 'tv haircut'  enroute to the studio!

Looking back, the funniest part of it all was that we only ever had £27.82 in our business account that day, and the monthly rates being discussed would only have cost is 27p a month.  Will lost a whole days money going on tv!!


October 2017   new bottle for old money!

Selling at £9.99, rises over the years in delivery costs has been killing us, currently costing £3.29 just to post a bottle without the nice box and bag we put them in.  We have just invested everything again in a new flat bottle, that we can post safely for less as the dimensions are thinner.

The thin profile actually makes it even easier to hold and top up your plugs and essentially it means we can keep  the same amazing price.

If you haven't already we hope you give it a try.

October 2017   NEW website goes live!

Katy kindly tweeted the news once it was done.

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Thanks to all our customers along the way for being part of our business, we really appreciate it!